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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Sensitisation programme begins

The Collector R. Palaniyandi inaugurated a sensitisation programme on `child protection rights' organised by the Indian Council for Child Welfare, Tamil Nadu (ICCWT) here on Saturday.

The parents should never make any attempt to `realise' the dreams through their children, by compelling them to take up a particular career, which the youth may not like it, the Collector said.

S. Anathalakshmi, honorary director, ICCWT, said the principles of United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child should be followed strictly to help the children meet their basic needs properly.

"The core principles of the convention such as non-discrimination; right to life, survival and development; devotion to the best interests of the child; and respect the views of the child, were important for the harmonious development of any child." She said a total of 2,908 children across the State were empowered on their rights in the last one year, starting September 2005, by the ICCWT through awareness workshops.

Of them, 1,516 were boys and the remaining girls, she added.

Source: The Hindu

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