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Friday, April 06, 2007

Census indicates rise in blackbuck population

The results of the three-day census carried out by the Department of Forests in the Blackbuck Sanctuary at Vallanadu here from March 30 to April 1, showed an increase in Black Buck population.

L. Nadhan, District Forest Officer, said the survey found 25 blackbucks vis-à-vis 23 animals traced during the last Census held in 2006. Of the 25 blackbucks, three were male, 20 were female and the rest were adolescents.

The compilation of statistics in the survey showed that the sanctuary houses 11 jackals, 15 black naped hares, 27 peacocks, 7 jungle cats, 5 pangolins (ant eater), 16 monitor lizards, 2 pythons, 14 mongooses, 9 vultures and 7 crested hawk eagles, apart from the blackbucks.

The final figures were evolved by the census team, comprising 10 forest officials, two scientists and 24 volunteers, after carrying out the survey using line transect and water hole methods.

Mr. Nadhan said that plans were afoot to increase the area coverage under grassland in the sanctuary to provide more quantity of fodder to the blackbucks.

"Presently, grassland coverage stands at about 15 per cent of the total 1,600 acres," he said, adding that it would be increased to 30 per cent over the next five years.

Besides, fruit yielding `Ficus Infectoria' and `Ficus Tinctoria' tree saplings would be planted on the rocky surfaces inside the sanctuary to attract more birds.

"Arrival of different species of birds would change the microclimate in the sanctuary for good," he added.

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