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Saturday, December 09, 2006

LTTE Smuggle through Tuticorin

The LTTE drug business is a multi faceted trade and a well-organised outfit. They are closely knit and dictatorial in their niche. This makes infiltration in to these organisations almost impossible unless well-trained and intelligent. It is proven that the LTTE has exchanges with the Asian drug business. LTTE has links to the ‘Golden Triangle’ and the ‘Golden Crescent’ via Thamil Nadu and officials have proof stating that these drugs are smuggled out from India from the famous South Indian coastal area ‘Tuticorin’. The historical notorious smuggling port of Sri Lankan Northern peninsula, Velvetithurai a.k.a. VVT, the home of the tiger ruler Prabhakaran and many leaders of their ‘core’ groups, smuggles in not only drugs but also weapons, injured cardres, medicines, expertise and all necessities to wage the combat against the Sri Lankan government.

Source: Lankans Online

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