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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Tuticorin to Promote Tuna Fishing alon with other Chennai, Kochi, Mumbai

Tuna appears to be the marine product for the year, given the growing global interest. And if plans do not go haywire, India should see at least 3,000 tonne shipped out at an average price of $5 a kg.

Already higher Indian tuna grades (sashmi) are fetching as much as $17 and medium ones $7-8. Over the last one year Indian tuna has made it to major markets, especially Japan, at an astounding pace.

As part of the promotion of tuna fishing, the thrust areas would be Kochi, Tuticorin, Kollam, Chennai, Mangalore, Veraval, Vizag and Mumbai where there would be dedicated tuna-handling facilities.

Aquaculture, quality control and value-addition were the other areas which could help the sector in a big way in the coming years. The authority had several schemes, for this, in place, he added.

Seafood Exporters Association of India national president AJ Tharakan also felt that tuna, the third largest globally traded fish item after shrimp and cephalopods, was going to make waves for the country.

Source: Finiancial Express

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