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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Avoid bursting high decibel crackers: Collector

The Collector, R. Palaniyandi, has urged the public to refrain from bursting crackers, which produce high decibels and cause pollution during Deepavali celebrations.

He told presspersons that steps have been taken to ban sale of crackers in the district, which produce 125 decibels at a distance of four metres, when it goes off.

"Anyone selling such crackers was punishable under the Environment Protection Act, 1986," he said adding that revellers should also refrain themselves from exploding any crackers producing sounds more than 125 decibels.

Dr Palaniyandi said that public should not use crackers manufactured using high quantity of barium nitrate, aluminum powder, sodium nitrate, iron powder, magnesium powder, strontium nitrate and potassium chlorate.

"Bursting of a cracker with these contents would pollute the atmosphere since it would emit high-levels of nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM) into the atmosphere, which was harmful to the human beings, when inhaled," he added.

The Collector said that the celebrators should take precautionary measures while bursting crackers.

"They should preferably wear tight cotton clothes and should not use matchsticks to light the crackers," he added.

Bursting of crackers in narrow lanes and in places where a cluster of high-rise buildings were situated should be avoided. Rockets should not be used.

Eyes should be washed with water, if any SPM goes into it.

Source: The Hindu

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