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Friday, September 15, 2006

Employment of child workers to be banned in Tuticorin

The district administration will prohibit employment of children below 14 years of age from October 10 as domestic workers or servants and in hospitality sector such as dhabas (roadside eateries), resorts, spas and other recreational centres.

M. Nallaperumal, Project Director, National Child Labour Project (NCLP), said the ban was necessitated since the children in these occupations were forced to work for long hours without proper sleep.

Moreover, they were not given proper toilet facilities and were forced to undertake various activities, which are hazardous in nature.

While got employed, the children will have to stay far away from the parental care and were at the mercy of the employers.

"Under such conditions, the health and psyche of the children would be affected and hence the decision," Mr. Nallaperumal said.

At times, the children were even subjected to physical and sexual abuse, which mostly went unreported since it had taken place within the confines of a household or dhaba.

The Project Director said the ban on employment of children as domestic workers and in the hospitality sector would be an important step towards the elimination of child labour in the district before the end of 2007.

He said an action plan would be prepared by the administration in association with the civil society to impose the ban effectively in the district.

Source: The Hindu

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