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Monday, September 18, 2006

Infrastructure Development - DELL Manufacturing unit

The infrastructure development in and around Tuticorin is essential to create a good investment climate.
Incentives to Hardware manufactuing unit should be provided.Similarly more incentive should be given to agro based industries as well.Also , to tap the potential of pudhiyamputhur , an apprael park should be established.

Recently DELL announced to set up its Manufacturing unit near Chennai.Though Tuticorin has excellent infrastructure facility, it is unfortunate that there is not much encouragement from the state government to consider/recommend Tuticorin for DELL's investment.

Continuous improvent in the infrastructure facility is required.Tuticorin Port should be connected with Cochin Port through rail .

Existing industrial estate has to be expanded.Tuticorin-Madurai should be made 6 lane soon.

Hope the Government takes notice of this and take the necessary actions immediately.

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