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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Training programme for fishermen begins at Tuticorin

A five-day training in `value-added fishery products' organised by the Fisheries College and Research Institute (FCRI) for the tsunami-affected fishermen commenced on its premises here on Monday.

As part of the programme, training was first imparted to eight `master trainers' on the subject, who, in turn, would disseminate the information to larger number of fisherfolks along the Tamil Nadu coastline later.

The project was sponsored by the Development of Humane Action (Dhan) Foundation, a professional development organisation.

Under it, trainees were taught methods of fish preservation, hygienic handling of fish catch, preparation of value-added fish products and marketing of various fishery products, by a team of instructors headed by P. Velayutham, Head, Department of Fish Processing Technology, at the institute.

Venkataramani, Dean, said an in-depth information on fish preservation using salting, drying, freezing, canning and smoking techniques was passed on to the trainees.

Similarly, the importance of hygienic handling of the fish was taught so that the fishers could extend the shelf life of their catch.

"It is to be understood that proper handling of fish can fetch better unit value realisation to fishermen," the dean said.

The training was also highlighting the importance of fish consumption, since the species offers vitamins, essential amino acids and Omega III polyunsaturated fatty acid, to the humans.

"Moreover, fish could reduce blood cholesterol," the Dean said.

On the preparation of value-added fishery products, he said practical lessons on the manufacture of fish pickles, fish cutlets, and fish wafers would be imparted.

"The training would thus equip the fishermen, who were affected by the tsunami, to enhance their lifestyle through value-addition to their profession," he said.

Source: The Hindu

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