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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Interface between farmers, financial institutions

Indian Overseas Bank (IOB) organised an interface between farmers and financial institutions here on Friday to augment agriculture and allied activities in the district.

Representatives of Farmer's Clubs formed by the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), Suguna Poultry Farms Limited, and officials from NABARD and IOB, attended the programme.

K. Venkatesan, Zonal Manager, Suguna Poultry Farms Limited, explained the salient features and merits of contract farming in poultry sector, as well as the scope of poultry business in the country, to enthuse the farmers from this region to take up poultry rearing on a large scale.

He told them the `dos' and `donts' that farmers needed to be aware when they take up poultry rearing business.

In return, members of FCs at Aathanoor, Eppothumvendran, Sawyerpuram and Athimarapatti villages, told Mr. Venkatesan about their desire to supply maize cultivated by them on a massive scale here to the industry as poultry feed.

G. Venugopal, senior regional manager, IOB, said that interface of the kind would help the farmers and the banks since the latter would be able to improve their priority sector lending performance along with the new business tie-up.

R. Bharat Kumar, Assistant General Manager, NABARD, was present.

Source: The Hindu

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