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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Agricultural Video conferencing introduced in Tuticorin

The Department of Agriculture has introduced video conferencing in the district linking the office of the Joint Director in Tuticorin with the head office in Chennai.

It will facilitate online review of the performance pertaining to productivity targets.

In a first video conferencing meeting held this week, Joint Director of Agriculture M. Mohandas briefed the Agriculture Production Commissioner on paddy that was raised on 4,085 ha, millet on 22 ha, pulses on 1,448 ha, cotton on 614 ha and oil seeds on 741 ha during the current fiscal till August 31.

He said 7,925 tonnes of paddy, 554 tonne of millets, 250 tonne of oilseeds and 415 tonne of cotton were produced during the first five months of this fiscal.

Mr. Mohandas said that to augment productivity, 21 tonnes of paddy seeds, 11.3 tonnes of pulse seeds and three tonnes of millet seeds had been distributed to farmers at subsidized rate between April 1 and August 31.

Similarly, 1,512 tonnes of nitrogen, 902 tonnes of phosphorous, 1,034 tonnes of potash (all fertilizers) and 10,000 liters of plant protection chemicals were given away to farmers during the same period at subsidized rate.

Deputy Director of Agriculture Gandhirajan Agriculture Officer I. Joseph and members of Tamil Nadu Farm women in Agri Business and Extension groups were present.

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