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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Trade bodies applaud PSA Sical for normalizing Tuticorin Container Terminal operations

Trade bodies at Tuticorin have hailed PSA Sical’s decision to serve the trade with full efficiency and reliability. Following this, operations at the Tuticorin Container Terminal (TCT) returned to normalcy.

PSA Sical had assured the shipping community that it would serve the ex-im trade with full efficiency and reliability.

In a joint press release, TCHAA, TSAA, ICCI and AICCI expressed their sincere gratitude to the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Dr M. Karunanidhi, and the Union Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways, Mr T. R. Baalu, for intervening in the issue and finding a suitable solution.

They also thanked Mr K. Suresh, Chairman in charge of Tuticorin Port Trust (TPT), for his timely action.

The trade bodies also urged the government to take up the issue of pending projects like the development of eighth berth, second container terminal, deepening of the port to 12.8 metres, mechanization of coal handling equipment, etc., without any further loss of time.

Since many upcoming projects like Neyveli Lignite Corporation’s thermal power plant, further expansion of the existing Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) project and titanium project are expected to add to the improved productivity of the port.

In this context, the infrastructure facilities like four-laning of Tuticorin-Tirunelveli road and Tuticorin-Madurai road, expansion of the existing runway at Tuticorin airport should be taken up expeditiously, the release said.

Besides, they also sought another Air Deccan service to Tuticorin in the late evening hours.


Anonymous said...


The strike by airport employees all over the country to protest against the closure of the old Bangalore and Hyderabad airports is totally unwaranted. These strikes done on a national scale to protest against non-local issues make one wonder for whom these airports are run.

The Nationalization of our airport has created only a host of problems. There is one hand overcrowding of the so-called hub airports and on other hand a host of airport which lie unutilized.

Take the instance of state of TamilNadu. There are 3 under-utilized airports in Vellore, Salem and Tuticorin. This strike against Bangalore and Hyderabad airports has caused unwarranted delays in Chennai airports for people travelling who are not even travelling to these cities. Why should the issues related in one location/state lead to strikes on a National scale. Salem airport was built 15 years back at cost of more than 15 crores but has never seen a single flight! People would have appreciated if the Chennai airport strike was to protest for neglect Salem and other airports in the state. People in TamilNadu have to travel more than 200km to board flights due to sheer lack of enough airports in the state, only to welcomed by a strike in Chennai airport to protest what is going on in Hyderabad or Bangalore!

It is needless to say that our airports are also being used as just another tool by the government for pushing the central language policy of Hindi imposition, as seen by the fact that most of security staff and airline ground employees do not even speak Tamil. The problem of commincation gap is clearly felt in Chennai international airport through which many labourers travel from southern districts.

It would be in better interest to transfer the management of the airport to the respective states. This would at least healthly competition amoung states to develop their respective aviation infrastructure.

Yours truly.


Anonymous said...

The Tuticorin airport is catering to the travel needs of the people hailing from the southern districts of Tuticorin, Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari.

But the flight services from the airport are inadequate, owing to the careless attitude of the authorities.

The only flight service from the town is to Chennai. Even the number of seats on the Chennai aircraft should be increased. Till date, the airport lacks proper shuttle trips to places such as Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. Further, industrial activities in the southern districts are increasing than ever before.

The local people are demanding for more flight services through various forums. But unfortunately, there are no proper steps taken by the authorities to increase the flight services.

Senthil Saravana Durai,