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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bankers’ performance evaluated

The 55th district-level review meeting for bankers convened by the Lead Bank (State Bank of India) here on Wednesday evening, evaluated the performance of banks during the first quarter vis-Ă€-vis annual credit plan targets set for the district.

The Collector, R. Palaniyandi, who chaired the meeting, said that the overall achievement of banks for the first quarter of this fiscal against the proportional ACP targets for the corresponding period was not satisfactory.

Though the service sector achieved 152.22 per cent of the target, agriculture and industry sectors attained only 70.34 and 17.93 per cent of the targets.

He said that the credit to deposit (CD) ratio stood at 84.06 at the end of first quarter, which was more than the Reserve Bank of India norms of 60.

“The high ratio was an indicator of healthy ground level disbursement and also reflective of growth in credit flow to small and medium enterprises as well as service sectors,” he added.

Similarly, priority sector advances to total advances ratio and agricultural advances to total advances ratio stood at 60.64 and 26.45 per cent, more than the RBI norms of 40 and 18 respectively.

However, weaker sector advances to priority sector advances ratio was below the RBI norms of 25.

R. Bharat Kumar, Assistant General Manager of National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, and senior managers of various banks were present.

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